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Monday, 21 May 2012

Curiously Strawberry

Quick, what is the one thing you are most curious about in the whole world?


Was it a strawberry?



Well look at this and tell me you're not the least bit curious about it:

Hmmmmmmmmm? Just look at their insane grinning faces and massive tongues! Now are you curious? Mental.

Now when I was a young monkey, I liked to eat a cereal called Cinnamon Toast Crunch - it was one of my favourites (I've often petitioned for cinnamon to take it's rightful place on the dinner table next to salt and pepper - a pudding condiment if you will).

But sadly Cinnamon Toast Crunch disappeared and eventually reappeared as 'Cinnamon Grahams' - the second worst cereal name of all time. (Named after their non-cinnamon flavoured cousins Golden Grahams.)

Having vowed NEVER to eat a cereal called Graham, I didn't buy them. But then Cinnamon Grahams were rebranded as Curiously Cinnamon a few years ago - the worst cereal name of all time.

I can only imagine that the marketing department at Nestle must have had a competition in the office to see if anyone could one up with a WORSE name than Cinnamon Grahams, and Janet from accounts came up with Curiously Cinnamon.

(The name doesn't even make grammatical sense, meaning I've been forced to call them "Cinna-meanies" - it's not perfect but it's easier for everyone involved.)

Also Janet must be the only person in the world to be curious about cinnamon. What's curious about cinnamon Janet? Hmm? I mean I like cinnamon, but only an idiot would be curious about it, it's really not that interesting.

There are at leasr five other cereal flavours I would be more curious about:

1) Curiously Coffee*
2) Curiously Liquorice*
3) Curiously slow roasted tomato, basil and parmesan quiche*
4) Curiously Uncurious*
5) Curiously Beef*

HOWEVER I am slightly curious about these new strawberry* variants, even if the name now makes even less grammatical sense. They've even had to put a little asterix to explain the word strawberry, just in case you thought the box didn't contain cereal, but actually a massive curious strawberry.

See, their full title is actually Curiously Strawberry Flavour - but that name (suggested by Janet) was obviously deemed a step too far to put on the packet.

OK so here's a naked Curiously Strawberry*:

Slightly disappointed about the lack of an insane face and massive tongue, but never mind, the real test of a new cereal is whether they taste nice 'raw' - sans milk - and I'm am pleased to say Curiously Strawberry* do. They have an intensely sweet strawberry* flavour.

Now here's a bowl of Curiously Strawberry* dans milk:

Are they nice? Well it's a bit like eating cornflakes with strawberry milkshake instead of normal milk. Which can only be a good thing.


Curiously Strawberry, Nestle, approx £3
Gobble Monkey says 6 out of 7


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Galaxy Flutes

What do you do if you're on a diet but you still want to constantly eat chocolate?

a) eat an apple
b) pour yourself some Diet Coke, put on Sex and The City and think about buttercups for a bit
c) eat some 'health chocolate'

Most chocolate companies have a lighter product for their more "discerning customer" - eg Mars Delight, KitKat Senses and - i can barely bring myself to write it - the Twix Fino.

Basically, making chocolate healthy entails shoving some wafer in it and giving it a poncy name.

So here's the latest Galaxy health chocolate:

Flute, because flutes are light and floaty you see. Whereas a trombone is big and heavy. Galaxy Trombones would not work. Neither would Galaxy Extra Fat Oboe.

(Note the thin lower case font used to write flutes - they couldn't have made those letters any thinner could they? This is what you will look like if you eat Galaxy flutes.)

Here's what Galaxy say about the Flutes (sorry flutes):

“Galaxy Flutes perfectly encapsulate the indulgence and pleasure which have become synonymous with the Galaxy brand and are a perfect treat for a luxurious snack for discerning chocolate lovers.

Consumers will love the benefit of a combination of textures with the mix of wafer and cream providing an ideal afternoon snacking moment."

Hmmmm that sounds like the very definition of delicious doesn't it! (If you asked a robot to define delicious).

How could these possibly be low fat?! Look at all the nice words they use:

ideal afternoon snacking moment

These are going to be amazing right? Do you want to have a look? You do?

Remember ladies, you may ONLY eat these in the afternoon

You see by "discerning chocolate lovers", what Galaxy really mean is desperate chocolate lovers.

My advice, just eat a twix then go for a walk afterwards.

Or try my new invention - it's called Dairy Milk Pan Pipe, and it's basically a chocolate covered piece of raw asparagus. Only 3 calories.

(As for me, I'm going to be buying all my Galaxy Flutes from this guy - 24 for £2.39!! That's less than 10p a bar! Still in date! Perfect for Halloween! And he's got a nice beard.)

Galaxy Flutes, 50p 
Gobble Monkey says 5 out of 7