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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Morrisons marshmallow squash

No one asked for a marshmallow flavoured squash drink, but Morrisons have made one anyway.

Here it is:

Do you think this will be:

a) refreshingly thirst quenching, bursting with the pure goodness of nature's own flavours, or
b) horrible?

(Clue: it's b) horrible)

It tastes a bit like someone has melted down seven pounds of pic 'n' mix and added water.

But apparently NO artificial flavours or colours were used to make this squash, so i can only assume REAL marshmallows were squeezed for their natural juice.

Let's check the ingredients:

The put SO much acid into this, that they needed to immediately balance it out with a load of acid regulator. At least they chucked in some sweet potato and a radish though.

Morrisons have also invented Rasberry Ripple flavour (not avaliable in my Morrisons) and this, Sherbert Lemon flavour.


It was c) undrinkable.

(thanks to @JenTip)

Morrisons Marshmallow Squash, 67p
Gobble Monkey says: 3 out of 7


  1. Tesco do Cola Bottles squash, Sherbet Lemon squash and Pear Drops squash. I've tried the former, it's tolerable but ultimately not something I would choose over plain water. I don't like the idea of Pear Drops squash, and am rather wary of Sherbet Lemon flavour. I can't imagine it's much better than the Morrisons one.

  2. I like marshmallows. I like squash. But just the thought of this makes me want to throw up.

  3. I like Cheese. I like Squash. Why not Cheese Squash?

  4. Marshmallow squash is amazing, my friend and I bought it for a sleepover and loved it :P

  5. sounds delicious. The tesco pear drops squash is very nice. Watch out for the idiot reviewing the cola bottle version who can't understand how it can be sweet without sugar. Never heard of artificial sweetener then?

  6. Sounds delicious :D

  7. The Raspberry Ripple squash is divine! The vanilla flavour really comes across, and it's not at all sickly. Was wary about trying Marshmallow squash but it's very tempting.. they also do Cola Cubes (ugh!), Jelly Baby Squash (okaaaay..) and Strawberry Laces squash (wouldn't that just be strawberry? o.O)

  8. Yeah... i am type 1 diabetic, and have to watch my sugar intake.
    got to admit, i dont believe the label what so ever! you are right, it does taste like someone has melted down a bag of pick n mix into it... it certainly is not an "No added sugar" drink... best stick to robbinsons and not alternatives.
    the thing that also gets me it says trace!

    1. i think you're just dumb to be honest, it literally has almost completely no sugar at all

      the "trace" refers to the unbelievably tiny, negligible amounts of sugar that come from the fruit extracts used for colouring. "trace" also exists on the packaging of Robinsons (that's spelled with one B, if you were wondering)

      products like this need to go through testing before they can be sold and i seriously doubt anyone in their right mind would allow something you claim is full of sugar to exist on the shelves with a label promising otherwise. also, if you haven't noticed the strong aftertaste of artificial sweeteners it leaves behind, i'm seriously doubting your credibility commenting on a blog about food and drink products :-))

    2. Also a diabetic and have tasted the marshmallow - it comes over as being as sweet as having 6 spoonfuls sugar in a cup of tea

      So I will stay clear

      And as for 12 March 2013 ... you come over as very rude


    3. No sugar? Artificial sweeteners are rancid, so I wont be buying this.

  9. I tried it and it tasted like rubbish. Never will I ever drink this awful excuse for a drink again.

  10. I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!! it might be because I'm a child (14) but hey! its amazing stuff! I think its like marmite... you either love it or you hate it. I made most of my ffriends try the drink and it was about six of one half a dozen the other as some of my friends loved it in a strange "its disgusting but I love it!" kind of way.

  11. My husband is diabetic type 2 and loves it. Okay it's got artificial sweeteners, but it's one of the few soft drinks that hasn't got ASPARTAME, which is a definite no-no. Unfortunately Morrisons seem to have stopped making it - I can't find it anywhere.

    1. Yes, Morrisons have stopped it -- we asked last week. I also like it. It's the only one I like from their large range of sugar-free squash.

  12. It was amazing. I really miss that juice. Also spell check before posting blogs