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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Percy Pig Imitations

Remember how we all enjoyed reading about Percy Pig and his Pals?

Well Percy, Lemon Sheep and Cola Cow are so popular, some sweet companies have tried to muscle in on their territory.

Have a look at Fruit-Tella's Percy knock-offs - 'Children's Farm'
If the terrible, terrible name is not enough to put you off, check out the horribly cheap cartoon drawing on the front.

Inside, it gets worse. They're like twisted Bizarro versions of Percy and his pals.

Look at this. How can this be allowed to happen? Is it possible that Marks and Spencer just 'forgot' to copywrite Percy Pig?

(Notice the one key difference - 'Bad Percy' isn't smiling like the real Percy. He hates you.)

The chewy animals in 'Children's Farm' don't appear to have names though.
If they did, they'd be:

Sickly Sweet Soap Pig
I'm Supposed to be Apple but I'm More Like Vomit Sheep

Sour Lemon Cow

Make no mistake about it, these grotesque parodies of Percy are awful - they have a sort of rubbery crust, like they've baked in the sun, with a horrible soapy aftertaste. Avoid at all costs.

Fruitella aren't the only Percy plagiarisers either. But at least Sainsbury's Eric the Elephants have the dignity to at least taste a bit like Percys.

Here, instead of a farmyard, Sainsbury's have plumped for some sort of Aztec jungle. But just like Percy, Eric has a lemon flavoured 'friend' and a cola flavoured 'friend', Cola Monkey and Lemon Lion. They are all evil.

Take a very close look at Lemon Lion's face and tell me he's not pure evil. Even Eric looks terrified.

Lemon Lion could easily have Percy in a fight couldn't he?

Still, if there's one thing Gobble Monkey likes better than Twixes, it's a bandwagon. So look out for these coming soon in ASDAs:

(By the way, Gobble Monkey's pals are Pineapple Parrot and Raspberry Robot.)

While we're talking about Percy Pig, I finally got round to trying the new Rosy Noses. M+S have now jellified almost all of Percy Pig's body. You can eat his face, his nose, his tail, his girlfriend and his children. If they run out of limbs, they could try Percy's internal organs - eg. Super Sour Lungs or Marshmallow Pig Hearts.

Here, marshmallow makes up the main body of Percy's snout, while a strawberry jelly topping comprises the nostril. They're perfectly pleasant, but a little sickly with a perfumed undertone. You couldn't eat more than two of these in a sitting. Three out of Seven. Still, I can't imagine we'll be seeing 'Lemon Lion's Fizzy Paws' in the supermarket anytime soon.

Fruit-Tella 'Children's Farm' fruit flavoured gums, £1
Gobble Monkey says: Zero out of seven

EDIT: Since this post, I happened upon these - a real slap in the face to Percy. (And his pals)




    They sound good.

  2. Haha your version sounds pretty good, like the idea of pineapple parrot! Hope yours dont turn out evil like some of the others :P

  3. Morrisons want in on the action too - you can get Morris the Monkey (and friends)

  4. Don't knock fruittella. At least they have natural flavours and colourings. They are selling well apparently.

  5. thanks Anon. If you want natural flavours and colourings, eat an acorn.

    and if Fruittella want to knock off Percy, I'll knock them back