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Sunday, 12 June 2011


Look at this:

That's right, you're not dreaming - a complete Ploughman's lunch in a bag! That's quite a feat considering wikipedia describes a Ploughman's Lunch as:

composed of cheese (usually a thick piece of Cheddar, Stilton or other local cheese), often cooked ham slices, pickle, apples, pickled onions, salad leaves, bread (especially crusty bread, which may be a chunk from a loaf or a bap) and butter. It is usually served with beer.

Sounds delicious! Let's compare that to the Ploughman's Lunch Snack Pack ingredients:

Processed Cheese Portions (43%) Cream Crackers (41%) and Pickled Silverskin Onions (16%)

OK only two out of eight, but don't worry because the packet proudly boasts: 'DELICIOUS ANY TIME'. Quite a promise! Would the Ploughman's Lunch Snack Pack really be delicious at ANY TIME? What about for breakfast? Or at 1.30am? Gobble Monkey didn't want to find out, but was willing to give it a try at quarter to four on a sunday.

Once opened, you can see the loving attention to detail - they've even included a plastic knife with which to spread the cheese. (You can keep this knife or throw it away.)

Like a Kinder Egg, half the fun is putting together the individual pieces to make this:

Classic Ploughman's right? I can imagine any hard working ploughman being well chuffed if he came home to that after a long, hard day ploughing things. Let's try a bite.

Mmmmm the crispiness of the crackers really compliments the cheesiness of the cheese and the pickliness of the onions. So "delicious" that I was beginning to think I may have miscalculated the percentages when i said 'half' the fun was putting it together...

But then I looked on the back of the packet and saw this:
uh oh.

I can only confirm that the Ploughman's Lunch Snack Pack was not delicious at quarter to four on a sunday. (but it is very possible i will be reliving the deliciousness at half one this morning...)

Freshers Pub Original Ploughman's Lunch Snack Pack, £6.99 for 12
Gobble Monkey says: Ungraded due to B.B.D.


  1. where can i buy them i live in newport south wales

    1. As of March 2014 you can buy strips with 8 packs of these on amazon uk. The brand name is Openshaws. They cost £5ish. Not bad for a food experiment!